Life's Best

The time of my Life when I learned to Accept the reality of it, realised my Goals and learned the ways to Achieved it and serve Gods Purpose for me.

Rowela Rabi

OFW: Who are you and What’s your Worth?

OFW: Who are you and What’s Your Worth? We consider ourselves an OFW but we did not know who exactly we are. A lot of us goes out of our beloved country just to give our family a better future, a better home, to send our children, our brother and sister, or our nephew...

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My Ideal Client

What is your Ideal Client? In my Virtual Career journey, we are asked what is our Ideal Client. For me, all clients are good by default. A good client is a person you love to work with. But for me I imagine my client to be................ APPRECIATIVE to my effort and...

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Learn To Invest In The Stock Market