My Story


My name is Maria Rowela R. Rabi. I am an Overseas Filipino Worker since 2002 and currently living in Monaco near France. I am married  to my wonderful husband and I have a beautiful son. Previously I worked as a Senior Customer care specialist in Sitel – Lisbon, Portugal.

However, like everybody else we wanted to have a brighter future for our family, big income to provide the best education and welfare for our son and at the same time reach for our DREAMS…..Our dream house, dream car, a dream destination, dream retirement. As we are looking for greener pastures (opportunity) we came here in Monaco. So we settle in our new home and excited about our future.

But in one afternoon  everything crumbles…our dreams crumbles….I had an accident, I was hit by a car while crossing the pedestrian. I had 3 fractures in the lower Lombard area. I have been hospitalised for 4 months — 2 months literally in bed and I am forbidden to move because of the fracture, so you can imagine doing everything in bed…well you know what I mean….,and 2 months rehabilitation for me to walk again.

It was really a nightmare for all of us as we only arrived here in Monaco, particularly my son as he stops going to school as nobody is going to send and pick him up there. His father works at 6:30AM every morning……..Fast forward


I thank God that at this time everything is okay now, I can walk again,however, my capabilities became limited,

and because of this I really thank God for showing me the way to join Bro. Bo Sanches Truly Rich Club

where I gain financial literacy and at the same time learned how to invest in the Stock Market.


And right at that moment, I saw Sir Jomar Hilario in one of the video seminars. And that’s when I got ecstatic and I felt that THIS IS IT, it gave me hope that I can work again and at the same time be with my family.

And my Journey to the Virtual Career World began. Last July without hesitation, I signed up for Sir Jomar IVS 2016. I know that it is not for a newbie, but I told myself why not, I’m a fast learner! Watching the videos I learned that you can earn dollar while working at home …who wouldn’t want that!…, and what strikes me the most is the video where an OFW can go home for good and work remotely earning dollars. I’ve watched several tutorials and attended webinars where most of my classmates are Virtual Professionals enhancing their skills. It made me realise that if they can do it, I CAN DO IT as well.

We do have assignments that I diligently do and focus on. It helps us to learn different tools  to make us more confident and an expert.

So here are the lists of  the Tools that I recently learned.

  • Creation and Maintenance of my Hosted WordPress Blog using Divi by Elegant Themes and Rise by Thrive Themes
  • 7 Visual Ideas that will increase Social Media engagement using Canva or MS Powerpoint
  • Copywriting
  • Producing Awesome Videos & Animation (Intro, Advertising, Explainer, Presentation and Slideshow)
  • Basic Podcast and Video editing using iMovie and Filmora
  • Create Landing pages
  • Social Media Management – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, using Buffer
  • Email Marketing using Mailerlite

Recently I take up a DISC Profile Test. DISC personality test helps to understand a person’s behavioural preferences. It also helps your behavioural style and how to maximise your potential.

This report measures four dimensions of your behavioural style. They are:

  • Decisive — your preference for problem-solving and getting results
  • Interactive — your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
  • Stability — your preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
  • Cautious — your preference for procedures, standards and protocols


  • My score shows a high average score on the ‘D’ spectrum.
  • My score shows a low average score on the ‘I’ spectrum.
  • My score shows a high average score on the ’S’ spectrum.
  • My score shows a moderately high score on the ‘C’ spectrum.

My Strength-based Insights

  • I am able to consider many alternatives,theories,and possibilities as you approach new problems to solve.
  • I am able to make decisions with the bottom-line in mind.
  • I maintain a high sense of urgency: The clock is ticking.
  • I provide hard work and heavy mind-share into creating the best possible answers to questions or problems.
  • I explore all possible solutions to problems before making a decision.(As a result,this may sometimes cause delays in the decision-making process.)
  • I am a very creative thinker and innovator.
  • I am strong-agent of change.
  • I maintain a strong business focus on problems, ideas, and solutions.

My Ideas for Staying More Motivated

  • Complete explanations of systems and processes that impact your work environment.
  • Standard operating procedures that can support a quality initiative without being changed
  • To be included as a part of the work group in social functions.
  • Work tasks of a highly specialized nature to support your natural curiosity and detail orientation.
  • Quality control standard that are adhered to by all members of the organization,not just by a few people.
  • A work environment with minimal hostility and pressure that sometimes reduce quality and effectiveness.
  • Security in knowing that the products and services are of highest quality.
  • Sufficient time to consider all options before making a final decision.

My Ideal Jobs and Ideal Working Climate

  • Highly specialized assignments and technical areas of responsibility.
  • Time to reflect and think about the pros and cons of solutions.
  • An environment that supports decisions by logic, not emotion.
  • Activities that can be monitored from beginning to end.
  • Projects completed the ‘right way’ the first time, to avoid problems later on.
  • Complete explanations of areas of responsibility and control.
  • Standard, accepted operating procedures that support the more complex processes.
  • Complete information, details, and examples with no gaps or surprises.

So for those people who are an OFW like myself, there are a lot of opportunities for us. We just need to know exactly what are our GOALS in life and we should learn the ways to achieve it.

Don’t take for granted every moment you spend with your family because every day counts as a precious moment. Don’t ever GIVE UP because GOD is always there to make it right and make everything PERFECT.

“Thank you Rowela for being a Dynamic VA intern! Rowela loves learning new skills and makes sure to finish her tasks before the deadline. I am lucky to have you on my team. “

Natasha Rivera

Owner and Founder, Work From Home Be Awesome Mentorship Program